The first Canadian e-Detailing service.

eSHN has blazed a new path by introducing the first Canadian e-Detailing service - providing health care professionals the information they need when they need it.

Our services include:
e-Detailing technology solutions
to support outside sales teams
Promotional Blitzes
Seasonal Blitzes
New Product Launches
Mature Product Promotions
Pre-generic Strategy
Pharmacy Training
Clinical Science/Service Liaison (CSL)
Patient Training (Nurse Advisors)


Our Promise:
eSHN will provide full service support for all of your web based sales needs including training, sales force management, activity tracking and reporting.

eSHN will protect the corporate image and reputation of our clients by adhering to the client’s standards and all governing bodies.

eSHN offers a pricing model that enables our clients to achieve budgetary certainty and attractive return on investment.

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